2018 – it has been a year.

In the last days of this year, we still build stuff and think about bikes. But we also look back at this year and “count the chicks”. We had some very interesting bikes in the shop. Managed to help out clients, friends and family. Tested a lot of new products, got a load of new […]

701 rallybike – gearing.

“You know what really grinds my gears? – Gearing does!” : Said Peter Griffin – never. It is what makes the bike move though. Gearing is one of the cheapest ways to make the bike perform a lot better. Best bang for Buck so to speak. The possibilty is there for most of motorcycles, that […]

701 rallybike

Husqvarna 701. Based on the previous ktm 690 enduro R – the other part of KTM factory, managing Husqvarna, thought it would be nice to have a good developing platform, so the 701 was born. In 2017 they put in to the new and improved engine. This is now 693cc single, that meets the Euro […]

Vugtec One – wheels.

The big ktm 950 and then the 990 were born, to ride off and on the road. This means compromizes were made. One of them was, to use more road friendly wheel/tyre combination. This means a wide rim on the wheel and pretty hefty bead on it. All is fine if You have only tarmac […]

Vugtec ONE, the bottom line.

Vugtec one – the bottom line. Vugtec One will be in commission on short rides, long rides, hard tarmac and soft muddy trails with potholes the size of a little house. So the bottom line is … my own bottom. As Jeremy Clarkson once said:”This ride may have a recaro seat, but I don´t have […]

Vugtec one. New heart.

The heart of the bike – should and must be the engine – right? Well. Then we must have had a heart attack and died from it. So we needed a new engine. The get the right one, took us months of waiting and searching. We got a donor from a 2007 990 supermoto, that […]