New platform – with a lot more to do.

New and bigger platform for development.


1301 cc of V2 with a 1/4 of a ton of weight.

As soon as the 790 was sent off to a new home – we picked up a different platform for using and abusing.

The 2018 m.y. 1290 super adventure S. This time for more road biased user development and with a wider technical upgrade field. Especially the electronic suspension amongst other things.

We will start off with concept build on paper and go from there – but the goal is to make the 1290S to our R -spec with more versatility in mind and a bit more comfort. The bike will have 2 sets of wheels and will be prepared for a 60/40 duty (road/offroad). One very important aspect will be the protection and also trying to keep the weight under control.
On the S-model there is no skid plate nor radiator guard. There is a splash guard under the engine, but is so small, it barely catches the splash. Our bike came with the R -model crash bars and we opted to upgrade with the touratech rally engine guard. It has nice coverage and very smooth lines – this is good for deflection and cleaning. With all the bump-stops and mounting points, it weighs a LOT. With a little bit of thought and planning – we will make a carbon/kevlar version of it. It will serve as a weight loss and also look and sound remedy. Why sound? – Well, the big aluminium belly pans tend to be very loud and mirror also the engine noise to the rider too much.

Next up – heat control. Very big and powerful engine with a lot of plastics covering it, means the saddle gets hot. The exhaust pipe of the rear cylinder runs exactly below the seat. Radiating extreme heat to the components there – the electronically controlled rear shock, battery, ECU and other controllers. And riders arse. The illegal solution would be to ditch the CAT converter. But this is not, what we wish to do. For legal and power and refinement sake, it makes sense to keep it. In order to control the heat, we will insulate the rear part  of the exhaust, with special turbo blanket material, we will use a less restrictive and more insulated rear exhaust can and test the results with temp sensors. The front cylinder will run hotter also due to not being in the direct line of air from the front, because the new bellypan with cover most of the pipe.

At this point it is all theoretical plan on paper – we will see and report as things develop.

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