Travel preparation

A good bike off the showroom floor will look the best, but will not perform on all accounts the way You need it to. Dependant on the difficulty of the trip, there are many aspects of a bike that can be enhanced. To make it more stable, more autonomous, give it bigger clearance, make it more comfortable or just plain faster. One of the most important aspects – durability. When we start an adventure, we sure would like to finish it. So there are many points to check before leaving for a big trip.

When preparing for my around the world trip, I understood my bike was one of the biggest tasks, as I never been very interested in technical matters. But Ahti explained everything to me patiently and in a very comprehensive manner so it was easy and interesting. His knowledge about different types of bikes and thoroughness are really impressive. I found out a lot about my bikes engine, suspension, brakes, and liquids and how to take care of my trusty companion while traveling in the world where there is no bike services and workshops in every 100 km. Our long garage sessions ended up with a fair-sized manual I can use on the road. But actually I don’t need this, as he is still there and supporting online whenever I have a question or problem to solve. I feel very secure to have a mechanic friend like him. He is a natural bike whisperer indeed.

Ilmaring – Around the world

Pärle Raud