Almost ready to race

20 out of 20

It is finally here. the nice round nr of 2020. The year 2019 was a tight scheduled and intense year of preparing, building, growing and of course a little bit of riding. We gained one bike but also lost one. We added a new member to the crew and kept all the old ducks in […]

Exhaust (ed) Sandy.

Exhaust. Here we will talk about the back side of the engine. The thing that comes out. The thing that kills all the ….blablabla. This is an EUR5 engine. Meaning it has to comply the toughened regulations now active for these bikes. This means leaner burning in test region and more added canisters etc. Whilst […]

Energy +- Battery

The word “energeia” comes from the Greek. It means work within. It is very suitable for our need. In the last few years the electric motor has become “mainstream” product according to the press. When we look at production nrs – not really the case. But there is no reason, why we should not benefit […]

2018 – it has been a year.

In the last days of this year, we still build stuff and think about bikes. But we also look back at this year and “count the chicks”. We had some very interesting bikes in the shop. Managed to help out clients, friends and family. Tested a lot of new products, got a load of new […]