Chubby girl. We start losing weight.

Weightloss program.

It is one of the most common situation, where the theme “less is more” really counts.

Less weight on the motorcycle will make it perform better. Will make it more nimble, less things to brake and easyer to handle.

Then there are things that are not needed or are just feilhappy.  On the previous bikes a lot of the SAS and canister systems had massive leaks, failures of the valves or just fallen off or never fastened hoses. In removing them completely we do change the compliance but better the performing of the bike and prepare it for longevity. We have sometimes found, the bikes to be more stable to ride in stop-go traffic and also consume a little less fuel, but that is incremental. Most important benefit has been the removal of problematic parts and weightloss.

Here we have an EUR 5 bike. This bike is designed without SAS but does have a big Canister for fuel vapours. Inter connected to throttle bodies it is purging the fuel vapours into the intake. In conjunction we also can remove some metal brackets and a big amount of hoses with the purge valve.

On this particular bike we also found, that many of the engine cables were loose and moving around too much, so we had a góod chance to fix that too.

Weight lost  – a bit over a kilo.

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