Pre-purchase inspection

We help You check the state of the bike, what You want to buy. And also help to find the right bike for You.

Suspension work

Suspension tuning, rebuilding, springs and special shocks. Testing and setup with customer for a good result.

Travel preparation

When we start an adventure, we sure would like to finish it. So there are many points to check before leaving for a big trip.

Technical training

Technical training for those who just want the next level in order to have a safe and more relaxed trip to the unknown.


With traveling or racing everybody sits down on the bench after a while. So in order to make it bareable we customize them. Softer, wider, narrower, stronger, for rally or two up riding.

Wheel building

Wheel building and upgrading for more offroad capability.

Engine and electrical

Engine works. SAS- removal from KTM bikes and other preparations for long travels.
Electrical installation, including navigation, aux lights, heated systems and additional chargers.


Protection for cases, body or anything that needs protecting. It is never about if You fall, but when and where.