Exhaust (ed) Sandy.


Here we will talk about the back side of the engine. The thing that comes out. The thing that kills all the ….blablabla.

This is an EUR5 engine. Meaning it has to comply the toughened regulations now active for these bikes. This means leaner burning in test region and more added canisters etc. Whilst this engine has been built from scratch to meet the regulations, it does not need to have the SAS system with some leaky valves in it. It does however rely a lot on the 2 very close to the burning chamber situated lambda sensors and also to the big catalytic converter. Now if the system is all OEM it does run lean especially around 4-5000 rpm. This is the “testingground” sort of. After that it richens out considerably. Now the cat sits right under the spot where the swingarm pivots and the rear shock is attached. All other xplor series problems aside, the heat soaked rear shock has a nasty place to work. So our solution would be this time to test out a new way of doing things. We try out the ceramic coating. The whole unit will be removed, cleaned and painted and coocked in an oven to make the ceramic coating stick to it. Then we are off to the rear muffler. The OEM muffler is actually a very nonrestrictive straight through pipe with a db killer at the end. In an attempt to make it look a little better and save some weight we shorten the unit by 100mm. We remove the excess material from inside and also cut down the db killer unit to as short and derestrictive as possible. For racing purposes only we also have a replacement midpipe (catdelete unit) that removes basically any restriction and makes the bike a lot louder too. For adv usage we will keep it on the shelf and run the cat and keep things streetlegal and also bearable to the ears. The next step will be testing and measuring the effect of the ceramic coating and judging, if it would be good to also implement this on the header pipes.

cat before
Cat after ceramic coating
exhaust can
shorty solution

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