Vugtec ONE, the bottom line.

Vugtec one – the bottom line.
Vugtec One will be in commission on short rides, long rides, hard tarmac and soft muddy trails with potholes the size of a little house.
So the bottom line is … my own bottom. As Jeremy Clarkson once said:”This ride may have a recaro seat, but I don´t have a recaro ass.”
Modifying the oem seat for many bikes has been in our genre since years. From gsxr-s to Vstrom-s and Husaberg rally bikes to big old KTMs.
Sometimes all it takes is a little more cushion and sometimes the customer needs a totally new seat cover with a more suitable shape, that will be down to us to figure out with the help of the customers measurements and needs.
With me, I have a very particular taste in seating position and also foam feel. So the Vugtec one will get a longer front position, a “hump” on the back of that, to keep the passenger safely in the seat (instead of a person, that can also be a rollbag or similar). A little bit more wide seat surface around the sitting bones area and finally a custom cover for easy cleaning and subtle look.

Now after testing it on the road for about 5000km and longest leg with about 1200km in a day – one can say, that we have understood the bottom line and we can keep the butt satisfied for many hours in the saddle.

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