701 Rallybike – removal of emissions parts

In order to comply the emissions rules of the EU and other parts of the world – bikes are equipped with different devices to help the catalyst and fuel vapours to be kept to a minimum.

All is good in the perfect world. On the road and in nice conditions the systems rarely fail and even if they do fail, it is merely an inconvenience. On travelbikes and offroad bikes every additional port in the intake of the engine will be a potential leak. Leak on an offroad bike will mean dust in the engine and this has never ended well. Also fueling of the system is not kept to an optimum with SAS valves leaking. (always hear the popping on decel and sometimes gearchanges) – as fun as it might sometimes sound, it is bad for the engine and intake. Also bad for consistant performance and for travelbikes – it is unwanted extra atention.

On most motorcycles one can buy kits to remove these options from the bike. For many bikes they can be easily developed and solved. For a rallybike we opted for our own solution and way of thinking. What is not essential for the engine´s functions, must go. This will also provide us with the effect of weight loss and better heat control and access to the engine, due to a lot of removed hoses and unwanted parts. Most importantly – the bike is safer to ride offroad. No more holes in the system, that some sand or water can get in and damage the engine or kill the ride. Nice little blockoff plate on the side of the engine and less danglin stuff. Next off will be more weight savings and smart solutions for the bike on the way to a rallybike.

sas valve hole in the port
vugtec Blockoff plate
clean install
weight savings

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