701 Rallybike – suspension

In this post or chapter we will write about the 701-s suspension.

Every suspension is different – as in – every suspension should work with the rider and the preference they have. For a cross country rally bike we need the suspension to be compliant with high speed high frequency bumps and also to be able to carry the load of the extra gear and fuel. The extra weight is a dynamic feature on the bike. It changes with 400km of riding quite a bit.

In order to make the bike more controllable, we will do our best to keep it light and remove all the not essential from it. But the changing manner of the bike´s weight is something that only progressive suspension can take care of.

The oem suspension is tuned for a very different scenario, than we have in mind. It can be ridden, but not comfortably and safely and this means – not fast or long.

For the new weight we did measurements and ended up with a solution that we need to keep the rear spring original weight, that is good from 65-75kg rider on loose ground. The shock still needs different settings and since we will be changing the geometry of the bike due to elongating the swingarm and giving the bike a little less ground clearance. Low COG means more stable running at high speed and longer swing also is better controlled. There will be also a technical update to the shock preload collar. The factory one is a tiny little plastic collar, that is meant to be turned by a punch (as the usual turning tool does not fit, when mounted to bike). Well, You can punch it about 3x and then it is broken. There is a very nifty solution to that and we will write more about it, when installed.

The front is another story. For the front Husqvarna had the 4CS taken from the mx line of bikes and modified for the Husky. This is good, if You are someone, who thinks this is a 155kg mx bike.

Well this is not. So getting the geometry right now means new springs for the front. The oem springs are 5,4N/mm. this is good for high impact and a heavy rider. Not good if You would like compliance and keep the rider fatigue to a minimum. At the moment 4,8N/mm springs were ordered from Race-Tech and there will be a long list of modifications done to the hydraulics. Things like conversion to a open chamber technology to increase performance over a long distance and reduce air pump.  Unification of the comp/reb legs functions, so that both do the same work and divide the flow better on the valves. New bushings and SKF green seals for low friction and better feel  and slicker synthetic oil for the forks with lower level to comply with the softer feel and lower ride height of the bike. How it all turns out is a mystery right now, but we have high hopes and soon we will know. But as always with suspension – this can all change and is there to be tuned to the rider´s changing needs.

its a real shocker

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