701 rallybike

Husqvarna 701.

Based on the previous ktm 690 enduro R – the other part of KTM factory, managing Husqvarna, thought it would be nice to have a good developing platform, so the 701 was born. In 2017 they put in to the new and improved engine. This is now 693cc single, that meets the Euro 4 norms and has one more balancer to reduce bad vibes of the single cylinder.

So this particular bike came from Germany. It took a little bit of searching and waiting but we got it here. She has been running for this summer as a testbench for some development and also to understand, what and how needs to be upgraded.

Of course, we did have to put some protection on it and also add fuel and fairing for more rally raid-ness, but that is all cosmetics so far.

The real work starts now when we dig into specifics and customize the bike for the rider.

All parts will be listed and all technical info we will try to share to a point.

Stay tuned .

Well, this happened yesterday.

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