Vugtec one. New heart.

The heart of the bike – should and must be the engine – right?
Well. Then we must have had a heart attack and died from it. So we needed a new engine. The get the right one, took us months of waiting and searching. We got a donor from a 2007 990 supermoto, that uses the same engine with same wide ratio gearbox. Low mileage. Full history and a totalled bike.
So now we had a new heart and it needed preparing. On the old LC8, this means open her up, check for valve clearance, change a few seals, flush the coolant channels from casting sand residue and do a proper water pump change and service. We also remove the SAS valves, replace with our covers and install the balancing ports on the intake channels and clean all up a little. We also opted for a little bit of clutch update and changed the discs and springs in it – there was very little wear on the actual friction discs but a little groove on the first relieve disc, so it made sence to switch it out, for a smoother engagement. Also added a colorful clutch slave cylinder from OBERON – to replace the always braking and leaking OEM and gave the engine covers a little detailing orange. Aparently some sensors do not match, so these were replaced. Modified the gear position sensor, that is used for “N” signal but also for timing retard in first 2 gears (not needed if U know how to ride). Afew of the old fasteners and special bolts, that were in very bad shape, got replaced and in she went. It is the lightest 1000cc v2 engine but still needs somewhat persuasion during the process.

Little bit of wiring job later, it was ready for injection system and throttle body work. There are many moving parts in that system and the body of it is actually on the dirty side of the air filter. All the linkage is full of dirt and sand and years of movement will grind it down. Then the engine will not be able to function as it was intended, from factory. So we remove it all, clean, inspect the port seals and remove secondary butterflys for better responce. Take the whole linkage apart and replace the startup idle cam and fix the loosness of the linkage, that is causing poor running and hickups with part throttle riding. For fresh air – just a proper foam filter from Pipercross and then all buttoned up! Not to forget the throttle body sync after that. This is very important for a smoooth idle running and also part throttle runs with slow speed. The heart is ready.

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