Vugtec one. Aka – our own way of adventure.

A little story about how we got to this spring.
About a year ago we found a good basis for our bike. Always been keen on the 2006 upwards KTM adventure S. Why S? Well, it has the longer suspension travel, better ergo for our liking and looks a little more special.
The idea was to get as cheap as possible basis and strip it down to bones. Use the knowlege we have gathered over the last years and get some new from the teardown and build.
At first, the bike was in such a bad shape, it was unridable. Only a trailerable old, beaten and a sad shell of a bike. The clutch actuator was broken, the rear wheel assembly was not complete and it had some running and starting issues.
After getting the essentials sorted, the bike was set for a short testing summer. Just to ride it – think about the development and to understand, what really needs changing and sorting out.
Well, that plan turned from a testride to a salvage job quite quickly. It turned out, the old engine had a gearbox problem and also a stress crack in the left side casing from an earlyer impact. This meant loss of oil and pressure and running issues. So the fall and end of season came soon for that bike. After that teardown. To the bare frame.
To be continued…

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